Chicago Moving and Storage Review

I contracted Pickens Kane/Allied Van Lines to move me from a NW suburb of Chicago to Coconut Creek, FL. At the time I signed the contract I was strongly encouraged by the salesman Chris Lidge to purchase moving insurance in case my furniture was damaged which I did at a cost of over $200. This was for a loss of $30K with a $500 deductible. I was also advised by the salesman that I would be sharing a huge semi (tractor and trailer measuring 70’) with three other families. The morning of the move 12/6/2010 a much smaller truck showed up and the driver advised me before he even saw my furniture and boxes that his truck was pretty well filled up having five families loaded on the truck prior to coming to my house (mine being the sixth family). He told me he would take what he could and another truck would come for the remainder of my things later in the day but the things would not be delivered at the same time in Florida as the second truck would pick up my things and take them back to their warehouse where they would be loaded at a later date onto another truck headed for Florida. I was furious and immediately called the office and the salesman and was told sometimes that happens. I have a high end bedroom set made of mauve colored mirror and metal which was custom made. I advised the movers the pieces were put together like a puzzle and secured to the wall but they didn’t listen and pulled the cabinets away from the wall all together which badly bent the metal frame on one of the bases. They also carried out two expensive contemporary lamps but only one made it, the other one when delivered was literally bent backward and in two pieces. The driver plunked it down on the floor and told me sorry and to file a claim. I had packed two Murano glass lamps myself with pillows in the box, Styrofoam peanuts and bubble wrap. One made it and the other was smashed to bits. They delivered my TV cabinet less one glass door as well and damaged art pieces. The movers pushed the boxes and furniture in the truck with such force they damaged and smashed many of my things in an effort to shut the door of the first truck. The space allowance in the first truck was a joke. The first truck delivered 1/3 of my belongings in Florida on 12/10/2010 and the second truck delivered the rest on 12/l6/2010. In addition to the side of the base cabinet being bent from my bedroom set I noticed one nightstand was badly dented. I filed a claim as I was told to do – two estimators were sent by the mover and both clearly stated the bedroom pieces cannot be replaced or repaired as the company Ello custom made the pieces and they are now out of business. I have the original receipts for the bedroom set and supplied it. Pickens Kane/Allied refuses to make good on their own insurance that they so readily advised me to purchase for over $200. Buyer beware!! – this company is a disgrace. . My move was not a large one and the cost was $3700 and they refuse to make good on my losses.