Pickens-Kane Blog: January 2013

Store Your Stuff with Pickens Kane!

Storage in Chicago is become a luxury item to have. Not many places have enough space for the amount of stuff you want to store. With the constraints of the city closing more and more as our population grows, people have to find alternatives to their normal self storage units. Storage in Chicago can...

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Chicago Moving Companies Face the Bitter Cold

Chicago Moving Companies from all over the city have to deal with the bitter cold in Chicago this January. Temperatures have reached as low as 0 Degrees and look to continue south. We have not see much snow in the area this year so far, but a storm will likely hit the area within the next month or t...

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The Boys Are Back: NHL Returns on the 19th

When it comes to the winters in Chicago, things can get pretty dismal. They grey covered sky will drain the life out of you over the cold season, but a few things pull locals back into the light. One is Derrick rose and the Chicago bull, the other is Kane, Toews, and the rest of the Chicago Blackhaw...

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