Assisted Living Moving Services Chicago

Senior Moving

Caring for a loved one can be overwhelming, especially when you must care for them and a large home. Pickens Kane can help you with downsizing and a Chicago assisted living relocation. We provide elderly relocations to both residents of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Moving to assisted living doesn't have to be overwhelming when you have movers that are caring, and that will be with you and your loved one every step of the way.

Sorting through things and dividing the items into piles of keep, donate and trash can be a difficult and consuming process. We want your loved one to feel comfortable parting with items, so we spend time with them during the sorting process to be able to better understand them. The Chicago assisted living relocation specialists are trained to make the process efficient and streamlined, so as not to overwhelm the individuals involved.

After this sorting process, we begin packing. It's your choice whether you want to pack for your loved one or if you would rather have us provide you with full-service packing, which includes custom-crating for specialty items. Elderly relocations are done with love, and we stand strong beside you during this difficult process. We can even place items that your loved one can't part with into our secure storage facility for short-term or long-term storage. With 24-hour security and an approved security system with smoke, fire and infrared burglar sensors, their belongings will stay safe with us.

Contact Pickens Kane today with any elderly relocation questions you may have. We can also provide you with an on-site estimate if you submit a quote form on our website for a Chicago assisted living relocation.