Storage in Chicago is become a luxury item to have. Not many places have enough space for the amount of stuff you want to store. With the constraints of the city closing more and more as our population grows, people have to find alternatives to their normal self storage units. Storage in Chicago can be done very easily with Pickens Kane Moving and Storage.

Chicago Storage can easily be done with our vast warehouse system. We will create a storage vault for you to store your items in. You can have as many storage units are you need, you will pay by the unit. These units will then be stack in a warehouse setting and guarded under our security system. You will need to call ahead so we can access the unit or units of your choice. We will then have them ready for you when you come by. This does take some more planning than a self storage unit, but the benefits will out way the negatives.

Storage with Pickens Kane is the ideal situation for someone who is looking for a more long term storage solution. These vaults will be kept under lock and key while being recorded on a closed circuit security system. This allows us to ensure the safety of your items. If you want more information, or would like to get your things stored, then please head over to . Get your FREE moving and storage quote today!