When hiring a Chicago moving company, you have to know exactly where in Chicago your family is going to end up. There are as many as 200 distinct neighborhoods throughout the city! That’s a lot of variety, providing you with the opportunity to find an area that matches the interests and needs of your family.

The Chicago moving and storage experts at Pickens-Kane have been moving residents throughout the Chicagoland area since 1914, so we can help you with your move in Chicago no matter where you end up. However, if your final destination is flexible, consider one of these neighborhoods.

Hyde Park

If you're looking to see more green and fewer buildings outside your window, consider moving to Hyde Park.

It is home to the University of Chicago, so there's plenty of green space. With gardens, trees, and lots of coffee shops to go around, it's a cozy place to call home—just as long as you don't mind sharing the space with university students.


If you're searching for a home that's located in an area with plenty of history, consider Uptown. Once the entertainment mecca of the 1920s, there are still plenty of theaters and beautiful architecture to be found in this neighborhood.

Uptown also houses one of the most diverse populations of residents in all of Chicago. It's known for its outstanding Asian cuisine, but you can also taste Ethiopian cuisine, French bread, and more.

Rosco Village

If you're looking for an area that is popular with families, Roscoe Village might be the right choice for you.

Parents are often seen pushing strollers past well-maintained shops, and beautiful boutiques and houses are the norm in this neighborhood. It's a great place if you're into antiques, as it has the largest concentration of antique stores in the Midwest. It’s also only four miles away from the Loop, so the entire Chicagoland area is well within your reach.

Our Chicago movers know the Chicagoland area inside and out. Whether you’d like to learn a little more about other neighborhoods, or you’re looking for professional movers, Chicago has you covered with the experts at Pickens-Kane.

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