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Moving can be stressful enough as it is. Add in the ice, snow, and wind synonymous with harsh Chicago winters? Well, any movers in Chicago worth their salt (road salt, perhaps?) can tell you that it takes an experienced moving company to pull this off without delay, damage, or disappointment.

The good news is that our experienced Chicago moving crew has compiled a list of ways to make your next winter move as smooth as, well, ice!

Our Chicago Moving Company’s Guide to Moving in Winter

Our Chicago moving company has been in the business since 1914, so it’s no wonder our moving crew is one of the most trusted in the area. If you want a move that’ll put you on Santa’s nice list, follow our moving and storage tips for winter relocation!

1.  Turn on your Electricity Ahead of Time: Make sure your utilities are on before venturing out into the cold. You don’t want to be completing your moving tasks in sub-zero temperatures…trust us!

2.  Hire Professional Residential Movers: Whether you need a full-service relocation or simply the essentials, hiring professional residential movers can help you protect your belongings and your new home. Our crew has the reliable vehicles, equipment, and staff to ensure your winter move gets done right!

3.  Clear Your Walkways: It’s not safe to move heavy objects on a slippery surface, so make sure your walkways and driveway are cleared.

4.  Protect Your Belongings: It’s essential to protect your flooring and belongings from the elements during a winter move. Our professional movers can help you with this! For example, here at Pickens Kane, our local moving crew offers doorway and carpet protection as well as stretch wrapping of upholstered furniture to eliminate any damage caused by ice, salt, and slush.

If you want to know more about how the experienced Chicago Movers at Pickens Kane can help with your next winter move in Chicago, call us today! We’ll answer all of your questions regarding your next relocation. Our free, in-home estimate will allow you to build a customized moving package that meets your needs and budget — book yours today!

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