So, you’re doing it. You are going to take the leap and move to a new neighborhood, new home, and new life. That’s great!

Of course, you’ll still have to pack up and move all your belongings first, unless you’ve hired a reputable Chicagoland moving company like Pickens-Kane. Even if you have hired someone to provide local moving services, you may prefer to do the packing yourself. 

No matter what your choice, make sure to get all the packings supplies needed for this project. It’s no fun to run out to the store for expensive supplies at the last minute. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together a short guide to the different kinds of moving boxes that might come in handy.

Common Boxes Used by Your Chicago Moving Company

The most common boxes used in a move are those with a cube shape that have similar sizing on all sides. These standard packing boxes come in different sizes:

  • Small: Also known as a ‘bookbox’, these boxes are usually about 1 1/2 cu. ft. They are ideal for packing heavy, but small items like books and appliances.

  • Medium: About 3 to 3 1/2 cu. ft. in volume, the medium ‘all-purpose’ box can be used to hold any household items.

  • Large: Measuring around 4 1/2 cu. ft. in volume, the large box is best for lightweight items like toys, blankets, pillows, and linens.

  • Extra Large: If you have bulky items you might need to get an extra-large box at around 5 cu. ft. Just remember whatever you put in here, you’ll have to carry too.

Other Types of Boxes

Your Denver moving company may also decide to use other kinds of boxes during your relocation. These specialized boxes are designed to keep the items within safe and secure without damage that might occur in a traditional box.

  • Dishpack: Also known as a ‘Kitchen Box,’ these sturdy cartons have double cardboard walls and can be used with insertable dividers for cups. Dishes and cups are usually layered on top of one another inside the dishpack.

  • Wardrobe Box: This tall, narrow box has a clothing rod inside so you can easily pack clothes without taking them off the hangers.

  • Picture/Television Boxes: These unique boxes are made in two or more separate pieces like a bottom and a lid that overlap one another. The design ensures that every television fits snugly no matter the size.

  • Lamp Boxes: A short but narrow box, the lamp box will usually hole one small table lamp comfortably.

Moving Supplies You May Need

It’s impossible to move properly without the supplies to go with your moving boxes. You’ll need at least a few of the following:

  • Packing Tape

  • Dish Dividers

  • Styrofoam Peanuts

  • Bubblewrap

  • Markers

  • Hand Truck

  • Gloves

If you would rather just have someone else handle the packing for your move, give Pickens-Kane a call today. We’ll schedule a free consultation with one of our residential moving specialists in Chicago, IL. Moving and storage services, relocation assistance, and even international customs clearance are all within our wheelhouse. You can also use our online form to ask about a free quote for a local move today.

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