If you are looking to get away from your current hometown and settle elsewhere in the country, you’ll find that there are plenty of great cities to live in. From the East Coast to the West Coast and every state in-between, America offers quiet or active, family-friendly communities with entertainment for everyone.

Before you decide on where to spend the next several years of your life, consider checking out some of these top cities to move to in 2020.

Naperville, IL

First on the list is a local town just a 36-minute drive out of Chicagoland. Naperville, Il is considered one of the best cities for families with multiple outdoor parks and preserves, and quality public schools. It also boasts a crime rate that is 92% below the national average, according to AreaVibes.

Denver, CO

While Denver is one of the pricier cities in the mountain states, it also offers amazing views and outdoor activities like skiing and hiking. WalletHub also listed Denver among the safest cities in America in a 2019 report. With a growing economy and tech industry, there are plenty of career opportunities for new residents in Denver. Moving companies can easily get you settled into a home or apartment in the city or one of its suburbs. Pickens-Kane even offers Denver moving and storage services as agents for Allied Van Lines.

Frisco, TX

Looking for someplace warm to settle down? Frisco, TX is a nice spot for families and professionals, especially with its easy drive to Dallas. In 2018, Money.com also named Frisco, TX one of the best spots to live in the country thanks to the good schools and great job market. The winters are also fairly mild, rarely dropping below freezing, so you don’t have to deal with shoveling snow at home or road ice on the drive to work.

Irvine, CA

Of course, there are other places sunnier than Texas. You might want to consider Irvine, CA, which is a suburb of Los Angeles and right on the coastline too. Irvine enjoys temperate weather year-round with average highs of 85 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 45 degrees Fahrenheit. AreaVibes also lists Irvine, CA as being safer than 78 percent of all cities in America.

Cary, NC

Should you prefer the East Coast, then try out Cary, North Carolina. This youthful city is popular with families due to the great public schools and fun activities in the area. It’s also just outside of Raleigh, which makes this a convenient suburb for busy professionals. Finally, AreaVibes lists Cary, NC as having a crime rate that is 60 percent lower than the national average.

These are just a few of the top-rated cities in the United States for their safety, schools, weather, and family-friendly activities. If you are thinking about a long-distance move to any of them or another part of the country, reach out to the residential movers at Pickens-Kane. We offer free, no-obligation moving cost estimates for all of our long-distance and local moving services. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to begin today.