If you’re planning to relocate, you’re likely wanting to spend as little time on packing and moving as possible. While wanting to be efficient is understandable, it’s important to not take short cuts when it comes to safety.

At Pickens-Kane, we’re residential movers in Chicago that have more than 95 years of experience helping residents carefully pack and transport their belongings. With almost a century of moving projects under our belts, we’re here to share some of the safety tips we’ve learned to keep yourself injury-free on moving day.

Keep a Clean Workspace

As you might imagine, your current home will likely be in a state of disarray during your move. While that’s expected, it shouldn’t become a dangerous situation. It’s essential to keep walkways clear of clutter like packing material, loose rugs, and cords. Keep pets and children away from these areas, too, as they may be tempted to run underfoot.

Wear the Right Clothes

Closed-toe shoes with traction are a must to prevent slips, especially on slick surfaces like hardwood floors. Don’t wear shoes with even a low type of heel as these can be more difficult to maneuver in. Make sure your shirt and pants are flexible enough for you to stretch in but in not so loose that they can trip you or get in the way of lifting boxes.

Use Correct Lifting Techniques

You’re likely aware that you shouldn’t lift with your back and instead, use the strength of your legs to lift a box. However, keep in mind that you also need to remember to keep your back straight as you lift, not twisting it. Rather, pivot from the hips to protect your back. When lifting items, try to get as close as possible to them to prevent awkward maneuvers that can strain your back and arms. Likewise, use the same principle when setting down boxes as well.

Hire Help When You Need It

The easiest way to protect yourself when moving? Hire experienced movers!

Pickens-Kane has a team of Chicago long-distance movers that’s ready to assist you with your move. We’re here to make things not only easier for your relocation but safer, too! As an agent of Allied Van Lines, we’ll help with:

  • Free estimates
  • Value pricing
  • Local and long-distance moves
  • Full-service packing
  • Custom crating
  • Convenient storage options

To get your free, no-obligation estimate, just give us a call or reach out through our online form!