Moving a household is a big job and occasionally the unexpected can happen during your transition. Even with these issues popping up out of nowhere, you can still mitigate some of the hassle and challenge of these problems.

Just how can you prepare for the unexpected? By planning for some issues that regularly happen during relocations.

Can You Prepare for Unexpected Damage?

It’s not uncommon for something to break or become damaged during a move. After all, it’s estimated that the average home contains about 300,000 items. Every single one needs to be physically carried to a moving van, loaded, unloaded, and carried into a new home. Even the most careful residential movers may not be able to avoid unexpected damage.

There are plenty of things you can do to avoid damage to your property during a move:

  • Hire professional movers to pack your belongings
  • Use dish pack boxes for dishes and glasses
  • Wrap delicate items in plenty of packing paper and bubble wrap
  • Add more valuation coverage to cover the cost of replacing broken items

How Do You Deal with Unexpected Delays?

A lot of things can delay a move in progress. Truck and van shortages can have a cascading effect on deliveries throughout an area. Your move may even be impacted by a sudden storm that prevents travel on the roads.

Make sure you aren’t affected too much by unexpected delays by packing a “First Day Box” to bring along with your family. Each member of the household should pack a box with personal items, clothing, and other essentials to get through the first few days in a new home.

These items can include:

  • A few sets of clothing
  • Makeup
  • Toiletries
  • Basic cooking supplies & utensils
  • Important documents

It’s also a good idea to take some extra cash out of the bank to pay for food or a short hotel stay if needed.

Staying Prepared for Unexpected Emergencies

Speaking of preparing for delays, make sure your family is ready for unexpected emergencies on the way to your new home. Always keep the car stocked with an emergency kit. You might also want to have:

  • A Battery Powered Phone Charger
  • State and Street Maps

If you travel through a region without good phone service, it will be hard to get directions. Consider downloading all of your maps ahead of time too.

Take your car to the mechanic before leaving on the trip for a tune-up. If there are any issues with your vehicle the mechanic should be able to spot them. Also, sign up for an auto club, like AAA, or a vehicle connection service, like OnStar, for added security and peace of mind.

Are You Ready for Unexpected Fuel Costs?

Gasoline prices impact the cost of your move in a big way. It can affect the quote you receive from a moving company and add to the budget when driving the family cross-country. Set aside a little extra money every week until the move to add to your fuel budget.

When getting moving quotes from long-distance movers, ask for a written estimate. This piece of paper can act as a protection against movers raising rates on you.

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