Hiring residential movers to take care of your move is a great way to help reduce any stress that comes with a move. Unfortunately, moving companies may not be able to move all the items in your home, which can be troublesome if you aren’t prepared to deal with these items. As an experienced moving and storage company, the movers here at Pickens-Kane will go over ways you can plan to deal with items that moving companies can’t move. 

Planning For The Items In Your Bedroom & Laundry Room

Your bedroom and laundry room likely hold some hazardous items that movers won’t move simply because of the dangers they present. Whether it is firearms you have locked up or flammable cleaners and other liquids you have in your laundry room, there are various items that you need to deal with before moving day. If you have these items, make sure you:

  • Properly Dispose Of Flammable Items

  • Learn About Local & State Firearm Laws

  • Ship Your Firearms

Planning For The Items In Your Garage & Patio

One of the areas in your home that have many items that moving companies can’t move is your garage and patio. They hold many of the stuff you use for the outdoors such as grills, lawn maintenance equipment, gasoline, oil, and more. Many of these items contain flammable materials which can lead to a potentially dangerous situation on moving day. With items in your garage and patio, make sure you:

  • Dispose Of Any Gas And Oil

  • Consider Donating Or Selling Items

  • Empty Out Items You Are Taking With You

Planning For The Items In Your Living Room & Kitchen 

Your living room and kitchen are likely connected to one another, which is why there are a variety of items that can be found that moving companies can’t move. In your living room, you may likely have some plants as well as a pet or two, which is a living being. Your kitchen has many perishable food items that will simply go bad if they are moved. That is why, before the movers arrive, you should: 

  • Dispose Of Or Consume Perishables

  • Transport Your Plants 

  • Take Your Pets With You

Ensure A Smooth Moving Experience

Nothing is worse than having packed everything up in your home, only to find out on moving day that some items cannot be moved by the moving company. With these planning tips, you should be able to deal with these items before moving day so the local or long-distance movers can quickly take and transport your belongings.