You put a lot of thought into packing fragile items during a residential move. However, moving fabric items also requires some consideration. Here are seven tips to help you safely pack and move household fabrics.

Fabric & Leather Furniture

Protect leather or fabric sofas and furniture from dirt and snags with plastic shrink wrap. Once wrapped in plastic, a professional mover will have extra moving pads on the truck to cover your furniture during transport.

Mattresses & Box Springs

Mattresses and box springs are bulky items that can bump up or get snagged on other things during a move. In most cases, a plastic mattress bag is sufficient protection. Still, if you want added security, you can purchase a cardboard mattress box.

Canvas Artwork & Antique Furniture

Canvas artwork and antique furniture can be worth a lot of money but delicate to relocate. If you’ve paid good money for these items, it might be worth discussing custom crating with your residential mover. Most moving companies provide this service and can offer a quote.

Cherished Items

Seasonal decorations, custom craftwork, or intricate quilt work can have sentimental value and be irreplaceable. In that case, consider plastic totes for your upcoming move. Not only will these storage bins be sturdy during transport, but you can also use them throughout the year.

Casual Clothing

When considering what to do with your everyday wear, keep it simple. Most clothing can travel safely inside furniture drawers that your residential movers will keep secure with bands. If you box these items, make sure you spread heavy materials like denim and leather.

Formal Wear

Suppose you have a lot of suits, cocktail dresses, or other formal wear. You might want to use a wardrobe box. A tall wardrobe box has a metal bar inside, so these pieces can hang without wrinkling during the move.


While you might choose to leave behind curtains, you could also wish to take custom curtains with you. Fold them over a hanger and place them inside a wardrobe bag with a zipper for safekeeping.

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