Looking for the right moving company can be overwhelming, especially when you are all of a sudden under a time crunch to move. Trying to figure out the difference between a Moving Broker and a Moving Company can also be confusing. Our team at Pickens-Kane is dedicated to helping your next move be as simple as possible. That is why we pulled together information about both moving companies and moving brokers for you to look through. Our goal is to help your next residential move be successful!

Moving Trucks and Equipment

Most moving companies either own or lease their moving trucks. For specialty moving equipment it is not uncommon to lease these items, but a large-scale moving and storage company may own their own specialty equipment or storage locations. One benefit to working with a moving company that is a part of a van line agency is that you get access to different warehouses and equipment no matter where you move. Moving Brokers do not own their own trucks or equipment.

Moving Services

A Moving Broker helps a family or company find the perfect moving company for them. If you are not certain which one of your local moving and storage companies will work best with your move, a Moving Broker will try and help you make the best decision.

A Moving Company helps you move and store your items during your next local or long-distance move. These companies will most likely provide packing options, trained and professional moves, and customizable moving and storage solutions.

Interstate Moves Licensing

A Moving Broker is not licensed to relocate your household goods across state lines. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in order to transport household goods from one state to another you must be fully authorized. No matter which choice you decide to make it is best to check for proof of licensure before you pick a broker or company. You can do that here: www.protectyourmove.gov

Moving Item Damage, Protection, & Reimbursement

It is required for all moving companies to reimburse a customer for any damages made to their items during a move. This pricing is to be based on the weight of the item. A moving company may also have the option for you to add on additional insurance for full replacement value protection. The moving company will also be your point of contact for resolving any damage claims.

A moving company takes no responsibility for your items if they help you pick out a moving and storage company. They will not help you get a damage reimbursement or discuss damages with you from the company they helped you choose. 

Local Economy Support

Moving Brokers do not often work out of the state that you are moving into or out of. Since most of their actions are done online and over the phone, they are not guaranteed to help support your local economy.

Moving Companies often have to have an office in your area in order to move your home. A moving company can support the local economy through paying local business taxes, employing area residents, and hiring local providers for business support services.

Do Your Reputation Research

You will want to look up a company no matter which type you choose. Most moving companies have customer reviews on their websites or on basic social media platforms. A Moving Broker may be more difficult to find reviews on but you can try through google!

If you are looking for help on your next move a Moving Broker is simply a middleman. Pick up the phone and call a local moving and storage company to find out all the great things they can do for your next move. At Pickens-Kane we would love to help you and offer you a free estimate for your next relocation.