Are you in the process of moving your business? Whether it's small or large, there are a lot of elements to consider. Planning your Chicago move ahead of time is the most important way to ensure a smooth business relocation. Here are some key considerations and tips to make the process go seamlessly:

  • Hire Professional Commercial Movers
  • Consider Full-Service Furniture Relocation
  • Plan for Last-Minute Storage
  • Budget and Schedule

Expert Moving and Storage Company

Hiring an experienced moving and storage company is one of the most important elements of your business relocation. You'll want a well-established business that can handle any problems promptly as they arise. It's important to do extensive research and choose a company that has the following benefits:

  • 100+ Years of Experience
  • Positive Reviews and Recommendations
  • Free Quotes and Consultations
  • Project Management Services

Invest in Full-Service Moving

Full-service moving is more affordable than you may think. Instead of taking a long time, purchasing packing materials, and doing intense physical labor, choose someone to do it for you. From start to finish, a full-service company in Chicago will aid in logistics, management, furniture decommissioning, and post-move services.

Short- and Long-Term Storage

Part of planning for the unexpected is knowing what hurdles you may face during a move. Whether you need storage for your relocation or not, it's beneficial to have secure storage facilities lined up in case a delay occurs. This means hiring a comprehensive moving and storage company that can handle these changes as they develop.

Make a Budget and Schedule

Making a budget to understand what services you can afford will help tremendously when communicating with your moving company. You'll want to get many quotes from different companies and consider which best fits your wants and needs while sticking to your budget. Make sure to avoid movers with poor reviews as they are typically the cheapest and offer unreliable services.

Hire Pickens-Kane for a Business Move in Chicago

After you've done all of your research, you'll likely find that Pickens-Kane is the right moving and storage company for your business transition. We offer affordable, dependable services that have taken over 100 years to perfect. Our team specializes in commercial moving including offices, businesses, schools, IT/ electronics, and IT disconnect.

We also offer comprehensive residential moving including local and long-distance relocations with secure household storage available for short- or long-term solutions. Enjoy specialty services like healthcare, fine arts, antiques, computer moving, and more. Contact us today for a free business relocation quote in Chicagoland!