There are many details to iron out when planning a commercial relocation. You have logistics to consider, leases to negotiate, floor plans to create, and new furniture to order.

One of the most important aspects of an office move is to decide what to do with all the items from your old corporate space, a process known as furniture decommissioning. Because companies have many big items that won’t be needed in their new location, the decommissioning process frequently generates large amounts of waste. Luckily, furniture decommissioning is becoming more environmentally friendly, and Pickens-Kane is proud to be leading the way.

What is Sustainable Furniture Decommissioning?

Sustainable furniture decommissioning is a practice in which unneeded office furniture is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, often being given new life through recycling or repurposing.

Pickens-Kane has been moving, storing, and disposing of corporate furniture for over a century, and we are firmly committed to carrying out our decommissioning duties in a way that benefits our clients, the environment, and the community at large.

Why Sustainable Furniture Decommissioning is Our Future

As we grow more aware of how our disposal practices impact the environment, more companies are wondering how they can make their office moves eco-friendly. Fortunately, sustainable furniture decommissioning is growing in popularity with the help of companies like ours. Clients are recognizing the multitude of benefits that accompany such a process. These include:

  • Reducing Your Carbon Footprint: Previously, most old office furniture ended up in landfills and contributed to pollution. But now, when you choose to partner with a company capable of disposing of your unneeded items in a responsible fashion, you can participate in creating a greener tomorrow.
  • Helping the Community: If your goal is to give your old office furniture new life, you may choose to donate your things to places like libraries, schools, or community centers where others can enjoy them.
  • Saving Money: This may come as a surprise, but sustainable decommissioning can save your business money. Often, when companies are unsure of what to do with their old furniture, they end up paying eye-watering sums of money for storage. With eco-friendly disposal, you don’t have to worry about storing your old things.
  • Showing Your Customers That You Care: People want to work with companies that care. When you engage in sustainable office decommissioning for your corporate move, you are showing your customers that you are a friend to the environment and the community, which is good for business.

The Pickens-Kane Difference

At Pickens-Kane, we have long been dedicated to sustainability. An example of how we have helped pave the path to more eco-friendly moving is the creation of our environmentally-conscious reusable moving crates which are utilized instead of cardboard boxes to transport large items like furniture.

If you are looking for help with your upcoming Chicago office move and want to ensure that it is conducted in an eco-friendly manner, look no further. The experts at Pickens-Kane will pack, transport, and dispose of your furniture responsibly so that you can focus on settling into your new office.

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