Home relocation in warm weather takes more than a commitment to complete. You need to prepare for the stifling heat while some of the equipment in your home won’t do enough to keep the space cool. For these reasons, you need to try out the helpful tips below. 

Put on Comfortable, Protective Clothing 

During a warm-weather move, a wardrobe malfunction is permitted. Your clothing should be strictly for comfort and efficiency. Wear cotton or sports apparel with breathable material to deal with moisture. Your safety comes first, so you should also wear gloves for good grips that minimize dropping of items due to sweaty hands. Also, wear closed-toed shoes because they offer more protection from stubs than sandals. 

If You Can, Arrange for Children/Pets to Stay with Friends/Neighbors

The doors of your home will be open to the residential movers for most of the day. This means that your air conditioning won’t do so much to keep your home cool. If you have kids or pets around, arrange for them to be in a more climate-controlled environment of a friend’s/relative’s home.

Try to Maintain a Comfortable Home for Those Left Behind

If your air conditioning system can’t keep the home cool with the doors open, putting on some fans can help with cooling. In the same way, if you have windows/doors opposite each other in any room and there’s a breeze outside, leave them open for cross-ventilation. 

Have Plenty of Bottled Water on Hand

Make sure every single person involved in the move has a choice of either cold or room-temperature bottled water to help them stay hydrated throughout the relocation. If you’re hiring professional home movers or long-distance movers, provide water for them as well. 

If You’re Driving Long Distance, Make Sure Your Vehicle Has Been Recently Serviced

This will help you maintain enough coolant and functioning AC for your vehicle to prevent you or the vehicle from overheating during the trip.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

If you’ve closely watched professional residential moving companies, you’ll notice that their experts take breaks. That’s because manual labor is exerting, especially during warmer temperatures. Make sure you follow suit by taking breaks and having light snacks to help you get through the day. If you think the heavy lifting will be too much for you in the warm weather, hire seasoned experts from a household moving company. 

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